My tablet's pen pressure isn't pleased, 
it keep shaking so I just drew in straight lines
also played with Guacamelee's art style

Braum, Volibear and Gnar (c) League of Legends

Phoenix the fire chicken
character (c) Dota 2

Avian's butt is so sexy

Riot's League Gift Tags



Fanart of Lizardfolks from Terra Battle, MistWalker Corporation
nice mobile game I played recently
lizards are the bessst
Don't worry they have attractive humans girls, too xD

Haven't update for a while
My semester is almost finished 
and the final review is passed yaaaaaaay
after that I'm available for long term job, starting at January 2015 (´・ω・`)



 I drew too many short-leg champs standing straight, so tried to make them more vivid, also with backgrounds xD
Shadow Isles
with some harrowing skins
This one is my favorite piece, probably because there's many undead creatures
and ghostly green is the best!

Shurima Desert
Skarner have totally different color pattern and Renekton doesn't have any gold color on him xD 

The Void
add two cuties from Dota 2 cause they're purple too

*for wallpaper size, please visit my Deviantart page, there's a download button on the right :3

*Characters belongs to League of Legends, Riot Games
and Dota 2, Volvo Valve



There's color difference between my old & new laptop.
some artworks are so weird now but totally okay on my tablet ><

characters above belongs to  League of Legend, Riot Games

This one from Summons Board, GungHo


Update Time!

All of them are fan arts. Hell yeah.

[Dark Souls]

quit this game once after knowing player must kill ___ to continue the story.
still a good game, and cute monsters!
btw I watched few DSII's stream on Twitch, 
seems most monster and bosses are heavy armored dudes
where are cute creatures ;_;

[Puzzle And Dragons]
Japanese mobile game.
Cute creatures, though most players play this for...girls.

Monster Hunter and P&D collaboration <3
too bad I couldn't get one 

[League of Legends]